COINMAXX clients benefit from our strategic partnership with GreatPool. GreatPool is a leading cryptocurrency mining pool for enterprise miners. Combining the hash rate of their more than 17,000 miners (Currently 850.98 PH/s), they increase the probability that one of the miners in the pool will find the next block and receive the block reward. Then, the reward is split pro-rata among all the miners, based on the amount of work (hash power) they contributed.


GreatPool uses the Full Pay per share (FPPS) approach, which means that the pool also pays out on transaction fees obtained in addition to block rewards.


Due to the innovative performance of GreatPool, they’ve earned 830 P/H of mining capacity.


GreatPool customers have reported an increased profitability of 2-4% when switching from some of the largest pool service providers due to their innovative technology.


GreatPool typically charges enterprise clients 2-4% of gross mining revenues depending on scale of client. COINMAXX clients have GreatPool’s service included in their hosting price.

Through the app, you will be able to monitor your machines real time.


You will be able to see each of your miners and what their current hashrate is individually and collectively


You will be able to see how much bitcoin you’ve mined today and how that compares to the last week.


You will be able to see what your previous days earnings have been, and if that has been paid to your BTC wallet yet.