Buy Bitcoin vs. Mine Bitcoin

People always ask, “why would I mine bitcoin when I can just buy it, hold it and watch it appreciate?”  The answer is very simple but takes a pretty good sized calculator to figure out. COINMAXX wants to help you understand just how much more profitable mining is vs buying bitcoin over the long haul.

The price of bitcoin is constantly fluctuating, but most of us believe that as bitcoin’s mass adoption continues to occur, and as so many large companies and institutions are buying up as much as they can get their hands on, the laws of supply and demand will kick in. Many experts predict that by 2024 bitcoin will have been valued at well over $200,000 a coin.

COINMAXX isn’t in the business of making predictions. We are in the business of ensuring that our customers purchase the right equipment and place that equipment in the right facilities to ensure that they realize the maximum profits possible. Use the calculator below to figure out how much bitcoin you could be holding in the next few years and what that would be worth.

COINMAXX purchases their miners directly from the manufacturers. The remaining stock of the miners and when they ship out determines the price of the miners. Quite often a miner is $150-$200 cheaper if it is to be delivered a month later.

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