All-In Hosting Pricing

Very competitive rates for all-in top-tier hosting facilities for large miners is 8.5¢ a kWh. This is IF you have over a thousand machines (or are using 5+ MegaWatts of power). Larger enterprise mining operators with over 10 MegaWatts of machines (upwards of 3,000) can sometimes see pricing drop to 8.25¢, or even 8¢ if they have over 50 MW of machines (The only facilities we have seen with lower power rates are in Russia and China). All of the facilities also charge an average of $150,000, a 2-3 month down payment, for each MW deployed.

What Does All-In Include?

Latest Gen Miners icon



Pooling Fees


Energy Cost


Hosting Fees



Dashboard Monitoring


Firmware Licensing


Equipment Monitoring Software

COINMAXX Hosting Rates

Size of FleetFlat RateProfit Sharing
Less than 1 MW
(320 Machines)
8.5 ¢/kWh15%
Between 1 MW – 5 MW
(321 – 1600 Machines)
8.5 ¢/kWh12%
Between 5 MW – 10 MW
(1600 – 3200 Machines)
8.25 ¢/kWh10%
More Than 10 MW
(3200+ Machines)
8 ¢/kWh9%

COINMAXX offers both fixed price all-in hosting rates and profit sharing rates, depending on the size of your fleet of miners and your mining strategy. By purchasing your machines through COINMAXX, you will benefit from existing contracts that benefit from enterprise level mining pricing and contracts that were in place well before the spike in Bitcoin values.

How Do I Start?

1) Choose your mining equipment.

2) Place an order.

3) Sign energy and service agreement.

4) Received updates on delivery and installation status.

5) Equipment is delivered to the data center, unboxed and firmware installed.

6) Mining pool activated and attached to your BTC wallet.

6) Log into the dashboard to see mining progress.

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