What do we look for?

COINMAXX has rigorous criteria for the hosting facilities we consider. Years have been spent touring, inspecting facilities, meeting their technicians and building relationships with their executives to ensure our customers have their machines in the right places. The majority of our equipment is placed at top-tier facilities in North America. However, not all top tier facilities are the same.

<div id=”hf-s1-list”><p><span>1</span>Redundancies</p><p><span>2</span>Reliability</p><p><span>3</span>Filtration Systems</p><p><span>4</span>Miner Management Systems</p><p><span>5</span>Repair Response Times</p><p><span>6</span>Certifications of On-Site Technicians</p></div>

In this business time is money! Having a machine down or off line for any reason takes away from profits. So once these, and many other crucial criteria are met, pricing is negotiated.

By combining purchasing power with our strategic partners, True North Data Systems. Through the technology advances they develop and the large fleet of miners they deploy, COINMAXX clients receive incredibly low rates for installation, energy, hosting, and maintenance at the very best facilities in North America.

In 2009, when bitcoin hit $19,497, hosting facilities with available space became scarce and the price of hosting went up to 8¢ – 9¢kWh. Current Bitcoin values and market demand are driving the price and availability of reliable, secure data center facilities. These colocation facilities are filling up and their prices are increasing rapidly. By going through COINMAXX, you will benefit from existing contacts that were in place well before the spike in Bitcoin values.

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