Maximizing Profits with Firmware

COINMAXX customers have access to firmware that can increase the hash rate and decrease the power usage of your miner, increasing your profit margins and reducing your costs.

There are 3 major factors that impact your ability to make a profit in cryptocurrency mining.


Exchange Rate Of The Coin


The Hashrate Of Your Machine


The Amount Of Power It Uses.

COINMAXX is constantly innovating and finding solutions to both increase the hashrate of your machines and reduce the power usage, making it optimally efficient.

COINMAXX has access to proprietary firmware developed by one of our strategic partners, True North Data Solutions. This firmware is added to your machine to increase and optimize its performance. This 10-40% increase in productivity depends on the equipment model, the temperature and the performance setting. When it is cool, the firmware will run a performance mode to increase hashrate. When temperatures are warm it will optimize energy consumption for best $/hash possible. Your machines will make more money, use less energy and run longer than the exact same machines running next to them at the same facility.

 A Standard Miner vs. An Optimized Miner

<div id=”firmware-page-table” class=”table-responsive”><table class=”table”><thead><tr><th>Miner</th><th>Earnings/Day Standard</th><th>Earnings /Day COINMAXX Optimized</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td>Antminer S19</td><td><strong>.000435333 BTC </strong><br/>$13.06</td><td><strong>.000492670 BTC </strong><br/>$14.78</td></tr><tr><td>Antminer S19 Pro</td><td><strong>.000528670 BTC </strong><br/>$15.86</td><td><strong>.000629330 BTC </strong><br/>$18.88</td></tr><tr><td>Canaan 1246</td><td><strong>.000394330 BTC </strong><br/>$11.83</td><td><strong>.000419000 BTC </strong><br/>$12.57</td></tr><tr><td>Miner-Va MV8</td><td><strong>.000394330 BTC </strong><br/>$11.83</td><td><strong>.000419000 BTC </strong><br/>$12.57</td></tr><tr><td>WhatsMiner M30S+</td><td><strong>.000459000 BTC </strong><br/>$13.77</td><td><strong>.000492670 BTC </strong><br/>$14.78</td></tr></tbody></table></div>

The chart assumes bitcoin is valued at $30,000 USD, the miners are on the same pool and you are paying 6.25¢/ kWh for all-in hosting services.

As you can see you will always be making more money with COINMAXX

Typically, there is a $200 hardware component that needs to be installed first and then a one time licensing fee of $200 to run the firmware on each machine, and then 4% of the customer’s gross revenue.

For COINMAXX clients, the cost of the hardware is $100 and included in the purchase of your machines and the other fees are included in your all-in hosting fees. As you can see your machines will be making more money than those without this firmware. This is an incredible advantage that COINMAXX has over all other competitors.