What Does COINMAXX Do?

In today’s fast paced cryptocurrency space it is crucial to seek guidance from experienced professionals. As a full service crypto currency solutions provider, COINMAXX helps entrepreneurs build a passive income mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Many of these entrepreneurs see what is happening in the market and understand that the time to get involved is now. Most just don’t know where to start and they have questions.

COINMAXX can answer all of these questions and more. With an expert team focused on delivering scalable, fast deployment colocation solutions, our goal is to help organizations drive maximum ROI for their cryptocurrency mining.

How Do We Do It?

We look at every aspect of mining and find ways to maximize your profit margins.


Latest Gen Miners

We start with the most powerful and efficient new generation miners on the market, and because of our strategic partners we have the ability to buy directly from the manufacturers…..


Optimization Firmware

COINMAXX customers have access to firmware that can increase the hash rate and decrease the power usage of your miner, increasing your profit margins and reducing costs…..


Low Cost Energy

COINMAXX customers get low priced energy at top-tier hosting facilities. We require high standards for redundancies, reliability, filtration systems, miner management systems…..

Lucky Mining Pool

COINMAXX clients benefit from our strategic partnership with GreatPool, a leading cryptocurrency mining pool. Combining the hash rate of their more than 17,000 miners…..